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Hey there. I'm Katie Lynn.
LA, CA. New York, NY.
Free spirit. Big dreamer.
Full-time Actress. Part-time Nanny.
College Grad. BFA Musical Theatre.
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<3: Theatre. Musicals. Makeup. Dance. Music. Pandas. Disneyland. Chai. Supernatural. Books. Movies. The Paranormal. Black Eyeliner. Foxes. Conspiracy Theories. Diet Coke with lime. Pin-up Couture. Texting. Seeing shows. Tap dancing. Once Upon A Time. Penguins. Mountain Dew. Red lipstick. Sleeping in. Edgar Allan Poe. French fries. Mixed drinks. Puppies. Nail polish. Glitter. Tattoos. Shakespeare. Sondheim. Sarcasm.


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Got this done by Camila Rocha at High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood, California. She is great and I would recommend her to anyone.


this is my first tattoo done by Jamie at Dangerzone Tattoo in Melbourne, i got it just over a week ago. these wings mean freedom. i think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world, i love it. surprisingly it really didn’t hurt that much, i was preparing for the worst but after a little while i was almost falling asleep lol! if you have anything you’d like to ask me about my tattoo my tumblr is:

(via neidola)


so i drew Ariel from The Little Mermaid all inked up :D i figured this could be one of my shirt designs


When I see a bird flock, I just can’t stop looking. The birds, whom are “free” fly in a circle. The tattoo took about 3,5 hours, it was my first long tattoo. Done by Aster in Belgium, a real good tattoo-artist!



Done by Charles-Étienne Saucier


got this about 6 weeks ago, but the picture was taken once i got home. it was spur of the moment and i love it.